Legal Advice in the Entertainment Business

At Chandler Fogden Lyman, our multidisciplinary approach and deep understanding of the entertainment industry allow us to provide comprehensive legal support across the film, television, video game, and digital media sectors, as well as for general business matters. We are committed to helping our clients succeed by delivering tailored legal solutions and strategic guidance in their creative pursuits.

Comprehensive Legal Support In Film, Television, and New Media

Whether it’s a scripted film project, television series, documentary program, animated production, or video game, we provide legal advice and support during all stages, from inception to distribution.



At Chandler Fogden Lyman, we are dedicated to supporting the vision of producers, writers, directors, and performers in the film industry. Our legal expertise spans copyright, corporate, and employment matters, ensuring that creative professionals receive comprehensive advice to achieve their artistic goals. From securing intellectual property rights to navigating complex contracts, we provide tailored legal solutions for film projects of all scales.



As experienced entertainment law practitioners, we understand the unique challenges faced by television producers. Our team offers specialized expertise in financing, distribution, and general production legal services. We provide cost-effective solutions, guiding producers through the intricacies of licensing agreements, rights acquisitions, talent contracts, and compliance matters. Count on us to protect your interests and ensure a smooth production process.


Video Games

In the dynamic realm of video games, it is crucial to work with lawyers that understand the industry. From getting that first game to launch to negotiating publishing or development deals to managing your valuable intellectual property resources to contracting talent, we understand the real-world challenges gaming businesses face. We provide strategy-focused and practical legal solutions that will assist you in releasing the best games possible.


Digital Media

In the ever-evolving world of digital media, we assist clients with a wide range of legal matters. From advising on matters related to digital media platforms to handling online content administration services, our team helps clients navigate the legal complexities of the digital landscape. We provide guidance on copyright issues, licensing agreements, content distribution, influencer contracts, and more. With our industry insights and expertise, we ensure our clients make informed decisions in the digital space.



Beyond the entertainment realm, we offer comprehensive corporate services to businesses in various industries. Our expertise includes incorporation, shareholder agreements, financing, and record keeping. We strive to empower businesses with sound legal structures and guidance, allowing them to focus on their core operations. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we provide personalized legal support to help your business flourish.

Navigating the Entertainment Landscape: Our Specialized Areas of Focus

Entertainment law touches on many facets. From corporate law, contracts, employment, intellectual property, and more, we have the knowledge to apply our skills to your audio-visual work.


Our team expertly handles various entertainment contracts, including actor, writer, director, and producer agreements, talent agency agreements, broadcast licenses, distribution agreements, publishing agreements, developer agreements, and more.

Labour & Employment

We provide guidance on negotiating and drafting employment agreements, and crew deal memos, ensuring compliance with unions and guilds in the entertainment industry.

Corporate & Commercial

From company incorporation to dissolution, we offer comprehensive corporate services. We also assist with copyright registration, chain of title opinions, and enforcement of copyrights under contracts.


Our expertise in financing encompasses producer-side film financing, producer loan agreements, shareholder loan agreements, and personal property security registrations.

Publicity & Privacy Rights

We handle matters involving invasion of privacy, defamation, rights of celebrities, individual releases, life story rights agreements, and clearance review for dramatic productions, docudramas, and documentaries.

Tax Credits

We provide guidance on provincial and federal tax credits, corporate re-organizations, and structuring film and television projects to meet Canadian content requirements.

Talent and Rights Negotiation

Our intimate knowledge of the film and television industry enables us to advise clients negotiating deals for screenplays, books, and other literary materials. We also advise on deal terms for talent, including actors, writers, directors, or other above-the-line personnel


We assist with errors and omissions insurance applications, script clearances, research reports, and chain of title documents to ensure legal compliance and minimize potential risks in your projects.

Our experienced team of entertainment law professionals is here to guide you through the intricacies of the film, television, video game, and digital media industries. Whether you’re an artist, producer, or business owner, we are dedicated to advocating for your interests and helping you achieve success. Learn how we can help you realize your creative vision by contacting us today.